Buzz Isn't Wave in Disguise but an Open Social Experiment (and What Makes It Tick)

As expected Google has done it again, they’ve released a nice new tool and now everyone is talking about it. And that’s great, but the problem is that like just like it happened with Google Wave few people understand its Technology and why it was created.

Google Wave was Created to Modernize Email just as easy as that. Google Engineers thought email was slow so they used an instant messaging protocol called XMPP that allows you to have your own private Google Talk and wrapped some “Cool but no one understand” features like video embedding, instant polls and similar.

Why Google did this? Easy they want to become a platform where all online collaboration is done, did it work, not so much mainly of UX errors.

Now, what about Buzz?

Well Buzz is based on a publishing protocol called PubSubHubBub (and that’s why you don’t let engineers come with snappy names) created for a single task, getting blog posts out is slow and boring.

First you put a post on your blog and then your subscribed users read the small version in their RSS feeds and if they want to talk about it they click on the page, go to the section and so and so. Its Boring.

The main reason its boring is that the users have to go and fetch the RSS Feed any given time, and the truth it would be quite nicer if it worked like the Push Messaging in cellphones, it notifies you only each time there is something new.

So PSHBB servers do exactly that, and with the nice feature that it can get synchronized among many servers, freeing the developer the hassle of scaling and similar chores.

So here Google is trying to be that, the center hub where all action takes place and it looks good. Specially because they decided to be disruptive they decided that your network, your friends are yours and not property of some evil corporation (if being disruptive isn’t) and they made this by using OpenSocial and other Open Data standards.

What does this mean to us users? It means that we don’t have to add our friends to Facebook to play Raise a pet/alien/farm, if they have Gmail they already can.

What does this mean to Google? That they now have this platform for OpenSocial apps, location based apps (yes, Google latitude was just like Wave, a cool tech without use) and personal publishing.

And where does this leave Twitter and Facebook? Well Twitter has a good established brand and lots of loyal customers (plus also many apps like foursquare, formspring and others) but just like Facebook everything comes down to privacy.

For users Twitter is like a bar (or starbucks), Facebook is, well a face book of your buddies and your blog is your support group where does Google Buzz fit here?

Can it be a single destination where all this activities happen? Not sure.

But one thing I’m sure, this isn’t wave, this is not another try to kill email, this is a try to change social media.

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