Gonzalo Maldonado bio pic

Tech Leader and Architect with expertise on making Web and Mobile apps scale by empowering teams.
Helping engineering teams adopt microservices, modern frontend frameworks and Agile and Lean methodologies.


  • Great teams beget great Apps.
  • People first, tests second, then as little code possible to get the job done.
  • Processes free developers to focus on what is really important: building useful tools to delight people.

Favorite Tech Stacks

  • "Majestic Monoliths": Rails GraphQL APIs + React & Redux
  • Service Oriented Architectures: Go Microservices + gRPC/Kafka/RabbitMQ
  • Devops: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform & Mesos
  • Programming Languages: Ruby, Go, Python, Javascript, Swift, Kotlin, Java

Technical Leadership

  • Given a myriad of technical talks and essays
  • Built multiple apps from scratch for Uber, Eatsa, Zenefits and more
  • Hired and Managed Remote-first and diverse teams to deliver those projects
  • Applied Lean and Agile methodologies that accelerated value delivery to our users
  • Helped teams adopt a healthy mix of Test Driven and Behavior Driven Development to write the right things the right way